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Our commitment is to deliver quality products and an integral service to our clients. From flooring to cabinetry and general contracting, we work closely and attentively with you to meet your needs.


We have been serving our residential and commercial clients in the lower mainland since 2004. Our dedication to the end user has remained consistent over the years as we continue to evolve our services to fit our clients needs, delivering sustainable quality and a personalised service. From home owner, to builder, designer or project manager, you will find in us a devoted partner.


March 2017 - Hardwoodliving is proud to anounce the introduction of wide planks hardwood and engineered flooring produced locally, with the option to custom stain. Beneficial to both the home owners and interios designers, this new line of wide planks fits the present market trend and allows the creative expression, along side with a varied prefinished  pallette to choose from. Contact us to arrange a visit to the manufacturing plant. 


Our Specialty


We carry a variety of prefinished wide plank hardwood & engineered flooring, and offer custom staining and factory finishing. Widths available are from 5, 6 & 7 inch to wider. Alongside custom flooring, we manufacture stair treads to fit the desired look and specifications. We supply only reliable materials specific to the job. Floor performance, installation knowledge, materials characteristics, radiant heat or not, plywood or concrete, hardness coefficients, humidity control and expansion levels, are just a few considerations when purchasing a floor. We bring invaluable experience to assist you - Choose wisely - Ask questions - We're here to help.


The floor installation is the next most important aspect after your purchase. From subfloor leveling, moisture control, layout, to the type of installation and the right materials to use, there are a multitude of factors to be aware of and consider. Underestimating or being missinformed can lead to floor failure. We offer unbiased guidance and invite you to tap into our experience, so that ultimately you will benefit from a reliable, problem free, beautiful floor.


Working with wood has been our focus for many years and progressively we have been called upon to bring our creative input into a variety of construction settings. Starting with smaller scale fixtures, over time we have expanded to offer a full range of cabinetry and other products, such as table or bar tops and other wall fixture designs. Inquire about what we can do and we will rise to the occasion.


A different medium than hardwood, yet, many of the principles are the same: floor leveling, allignment, layout and the quality of materials coupled with patience and our attention to detail, have made tile installation an extension of Hardwoodliving's flooring service. Increasingly we are called to install tile, being in full bathroom or kitchen renovations or additions, entries and hallways. Along with the tile and engineered, we are now providing radiant in-floor heating installations, a feature welcomed in many extensive renovations and new construction.

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