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Our commitment is to source and supply quality, high performance products with stringent VOC emission standards. We strive to serve our clients with integrity and transparency. From supplying to contracting, we offer dependable information and reliable craftsmanship.


We have been serving residential and commercial clients in the lower mainland since 2oo4. Our dedication remains consistent as we provide quality products and a customer satisfaction oriented  service. From home owner, to designer, project manager or builder, you will find in us a committed partner.


As of January 2020, Hardwoodliving is proud to announce the introduction of its first "HARDWOODLIVING FLOORING LABEL". It consists of premium grade long length engineered flooring. This collection offers exceptional engineering performance and stability, while retaining the natural beauty of the wood. Manufactured in Canada, allows for custom features, such as widths, veneer thickness and color selection. Available in a select well performing, popular species. To complement other home areas and for commercial applications, we have added a full line of Vinyl Flooring in a wide variety of trendy and traditional palette.


Our Specialty


HARDWOODLIVING LONG LENGTHS ENGINEERED FLOORING - Features premium clean grade, hand selected lumber, on 9 ply cross laminated Birch substrate. Beautiful, stable, rated for radiant heat and conventional installations. Finished with non-toxic natural plant oil and hard wax, or optionally, with a high performance, low VOC urethane. Available prefinished and bare wood unfinished, suitable for site finishing and custom staining. 

Full Line of Vinyl - Featuring a wide designer color selection, suitable for homes and commercial use.

Our philosophy is not to carry everything, but dedicate our efforts to promote the products we believe in and trust. Reliable product performance and attentive cratsmanship, result in peace of mind for us and for our clients.


A beautiful floor demands a fine installation. From subfloor leveling, moisture control, layout, to the type of installation and the materials used, there are multiple factors to consider. As tradesman, we offer unbiased guidance and invite you to tap into our experience, so that you can fully benefit from your purchase. In theory, the installation conditions are ideal in most cases - In reality, the installation conditions are overlooked more often than we would like to see. You can count on us to ensure that proper steps are taken, leading to a reliable, problem free, beautiful result. We treat your purchase as a long term investment and we respect it accordingly.


Over the years we have learned that every project, small or large has its own challenges and rewards. We are creative problem solvers and we'll find a way to make it work while adhering to the code. From kitchen & bath renovation to flooring and painting, our attention to detail and dedication remains constant.  


Hardwoodliving offers a wide range of residential, commercial and property maintenance services. Recoating, replacing, conditioning, water proofing, painting and refurbishing, are just a few examples of the work we can do. Contact us with your need - we are ready to help.

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